The European Agro2Circular project aims to be the demonstration of the first value chain for the recycling of the most representative waste from the agri-food sector. It aims to demonstrate the technical feasibility of specific routes for the valorization of agri-food waste (fruit and vegetables and multilayer plastics). Thus, it aims to demonstrate the potential of extraction, purification and stabilization routes of environmentally friendly compounds for obtaining high-value bioactive products (dietary fibers, phenolic compounds and carotenoids).

The aim is to achieve high extraction yields and high purity bioactive products with high stability for novel foods, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics. Furthermore, the potential of the synergistic combination of sorting, physical delamination, enzymatic depolymerization, decontamination, and mechanical recycling for the recycling and biotransformation processes of multilayer films and extensional flow blending for the recycling of recycled multilayer films will be demonstrated. The aim is to obtain a range of high barrier recyclable composites as an alternative to current multilayers in food packaging and agriculture, PHBV bioplastic composites for biodegradable food packaging and agriculture and carotenoids for cosmetics.

Finally, it will also try to demonstrate the potential of ICT technologies as a key tool for the implementation of circular solutions. The objective is to implement the traceability of processes and products and to develop a predictive tool for recovery processes through an online technology platform called Data Integration System-DIS.