Pilot plant



Pilot plant in Cetec let us assess behavior of materials             

on scale-up and offers a wide range of activities:

 Additivation of chips to obtain thermoplastic extrusion's compound

 Thermoset compounds and  elastomers

 Scale up test of extrusion

Manufacturing of masterbaches

 Scale up and test of monolayer blown film

 Scale up and test of Three-layers blown film

 Material test in calendered film

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The blown film line has a monolayer die width of 60 mm diameter and 0.8 mm of die gap. Depending on the materials, a bubble diameter of 25 cm is achieved.    

A  three layers concentric die with the same dimensions that the one named above is avalaible. It enables us to produces combinations ABA, AAB or even ABC-

Layers are fed with three extruders. One is type E30Px25 L/D, with 8,8 KW power and compression ratio of 1:1.83.  This extruder feed the inner layer  or the monolayer film. The other two extruders are type E 20 TH 25 L/D with a compression ratio of 1:3.8






Odoo CMS - a big picture



We have a twin screw extruder co-rotating, type Leistritz ZSE 18HP, it offers a comprehensive system of various screw elements which offer great options for variation, so we can get the optimal layout  of the screw geometry  for each processing task. The melt strand is cooled in a water bath and cut in a pelletizer.  Extruder can be dosed in a gravimetric way for chips and sidely for  powder materials


Odoo CMS- Sample image floating



Our pilot plant has an injection moulding machine type Enge “Victory 200/560 Spex” with a maximal clamping forcé of 5000 kN ( 50 tn). Its proven tie-bar-less technology, let you use this machine for large moulds. With a mould to produce test-pieces for the tensile test, we get information about new materials in our laboratory.


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Slit width of 120 mm, gap adjustment via tractive pressure screws from 0.2 a 2.0 mm. Flat film is feeded by an extruder Type TH E 20 25 L/D, and a screw compression ratio of 1:3,8.,  then film is stretched in a polished cold roller.