Footwear and Plastics Laboratory

CETEC dispone de un completo laboratorio para la caracterización, control de calidad,

desarrollo y análisis de materiales plásticos y elastómeros.

CETEC expands the equipment to offer updated services in line with changing legislative requirements.

Recently, we have incorporated an elemental analysis equipment by X-Ray Fluorescence, designed so that our customers can verify the concentration of heavy metals, in accordance with the requirements of regulations and standards, such as the requirements of the REACH regulation and the criteria for granting the EU eco-label to footwear, which limit the presence of heavy metals, which may be present in different components of footwear, such as leather and leather coatings, some plastic materials (PVC, EVA, TPU), or adhesives used in this sector.


With this technique CETEC can determine the following metals :

Ba, Sb, Sn, Cd, Bi, Pb, Br, Se, As, Hg, Au, Zn, Cu, Ni, Fe, Cr, V, Ti y Cl.

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1. Upper material, leather, woven, non-woven with or without plastic coating.


• Moisture Determination

• Determination of washable materials

• Determination of pH

• Dynamometric strength tests of materials

• Abrasion and scrub resistance

• Bending strength

• Solidity tests of dyes to light, sweat, washing, etc.

• Water permeability tests

• Study of adhesion and anchorage of plastic coating

2. Sole materials, rubbers and plastics


• Dynamometric strength tests of materials

• Determination of density and hardness of plastics and rubbers

• Abrasion resistance tests

• Heat and chemical resistance tests

• Preparation of rubber compounds

• Rheometric study of rubber blends

• Light stability

• Bending strength

3. Adhesives


• Material adhesion proficiency tests

• Adhesion tests , peel strength of test pieces.

4. tests on footwear components

para calzado


• Testing on shoelaces

• Tests on buffers and buttresses

• Tests on cambrills

• Tests on racks

• Tests on fibreboard and similar

• Tests on ornaments

5. Tests on shoes


• Resistance against peeling of the shear-sole connection

• Strip traction

• Component resistance

• Waterproofing tests

• % of components

• Overall control of finished shoe